Simpson Strong-Tie Introduces Corrosion-Resistant 1/4″ Stainless-Steel Screw Anchor Approved for Cracked-Concrete Applications

Pleasanton, Calif. — Simpson Strong-Tie, the leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, has introduced the first 1/4″-diameter stainless-steel screw anchor designed for lighter-duty applications in severely corrosive environments. It’s code listed for use in cracked concrete.

Part of the broad line of code-listed stainless-steel Titen HD® heavy-duty screw anchors (THDSS) from Simpson Strong-Tie, the new 1/4″ THDSS screw anchor combines the corrosion resistance of Type 316 stainless steel with the undercutting ability of harder, heat-treated carbon steel. The THDSS helical-coil threads feature a serrated carbon-steel leading thread that cuts a channel so the stainless-steel threading can securely interlock with concrete and masonry.

However, whereas traditional carbon-tipped stainless-steel anchors are vulnerable to rust and expansion that can crack the concrete, the helical-coil carbon thread of the THDSS greatly reduces the anchor’s overall carbon-steel quantity, making it much less likely to cause concrete damage if corrosion occurs. For comparison, a 1/2″ x 5″ THDSS screw anchor contains less than 1% carbon steel, while other stainless-steel screw anchors of the same size can contain as much as 18% carbon steel.

The addition of the 1/4″-diameter anchor to the THDSS lineup (which also includes diameters of 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4″) rounds out the company’s offering of stainless-steel anchors suitable for bridge, marine, water-treatment plant, and heavier civil-construction and retrofit applications where corrosive elements pose a hazard to standard carbon-steel screw anchors. In addition to their strength and environmental adaptability, all Titen HD® screw anchors install easily with an impact wrench or hand tool.

“Titen HD screw anchors have quickly become a trusted anchor solution because they offer the performance that designers need and the ease of installation that contractors demand,” says Simpson Strong-Tie senior product manager Mike Steiber. “When the job calls for installation in multiple types of environments, including corrosive environments, wedge anchor and adhesive options often face difficult spacing and installation issues, so for applications that need stainless-steel anchors, Titen HD provides a new standard for the market.”

Stainless-steel Titen HD anchors are code listed for a wide variety of applications in IAPMO UES ER-493 (for concrete) and ICC-ES ESR-1056 (for masonry). For more information about the family of THDSS screw anchors, download the THDSS product flier.