Crack Open a Cold One: Simpson Strong-Tie Introduces New Outdoor Accents® Bottle Opener, Gable Plate and Gazebo Ties

Simpson Strong-Tie, the leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, has introduced a new three-piece bottle opener kit, a 4x lumber gable plate, and a series of gazebo ties to its popular line of Outdoor Accents® decorative hardware.

Designed to provide contractors, homebuilders and DIYers with the essential hardware for incorporating timeless beauty and tested strength into pergolas, decks and other outdoor living spaces, the Outdoor Accents line of code-listed decorative wood connectors and fasteners accommodates both nominal and rough lumber, providing additional design and building flexibility.

Available now, the bottle opener comes as a three-piece kit that installs easily on any wood post and complements both the Mission Collection® and Avant Collection™ product styles. The kit features a sturdy, black, metal bottle opener, a UV-protected composite plastic backplate and removable catch cup to collect bottle caps. The catch cup even has drain holes in the bottom so it won’t overflow with suds and sodas.

Similar to the existing Avant Collection gable plate for 6x lumber and larger, the new Avant 4x gable plate provides reinforcement for a connection between a wood beam and three angled wood braces, and features angled braces at 12:12 pitch (45°) for 4x lumber. Forged from 12-gauge steel, Outdoor Accents gable plates easily install with Outdoor Accents structural screws and hex-head washers and are finished with ZMAX® galvanization and a black powder coat for the extra corrosion resistance needed in exterior and treated-wood applications.

Also finished with ZMAX galvanization and a black powder coat, the new gazebo ties for the Avant Collection add strength and rigidity to six-sided gazebo connections, and come in three application specific designs:

  • APGT2 connects a 2x rafter and top plate to a post in a six-sided gazebo for added strength and rigidity in a three-way connection
  • APGT6 connects six 2x rafters at the top of a six-sided gazebo
  • APGTF connects bottom 2x rim joists to a post in a six-sided gazebo and allows installation over the post base to adjust the height of the rim joists.

“We’re excited to introduce these new products to the Outdoor Accents line and provide  contractors and builders with even more great design options to choose from,” said Sam Hensen, Simpson Strong-Tie vice president and general manager for Connectors and Lateral Systems. “Both the Mission and Avant collections continue to offer builders stylish design options for beautiful custom outdoor living structures that are easy to install and tested for superior load strength.”

Outdoor Accents decorative hardware is tested and approved to meet stringent building codes for high-wind or seismic conditions, and features the clean, simple lines of the Avant Collection or the southwestern design of the Mission Collection to enhance the beauty of any outdoor living spaces. The fastener and patented hex-head washer combo provides decorative, bolt-like connections that install with the ease of a screw and without the need for predrilling.

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